Wooden box + Goblin model. Optimized for game engines.

Factory assets - Goblin
Creating game-ready assets for a goblin factory building game where you play as a goblin creating different potions to sell to adventurers. 
"You are a lone goblin with a massive desire to create potions by mixing ingredients, upgrading machines and paying off a debt."
Using this concept I can refine my skills in asset creation and learn more about the 3D asset creation pipeline. I am always coming up with new ideas to add to this concept so it is a great exercise that ticks off many boxes within a 3D artist role.

Goblin creation progression from idea creations, blockouts, optimized mesh to textured in Substance Painter. 

Early goblin animation test

Early goblin animation test

Goblin rig, early idle animation

Goblin rig, run test

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