Terms and service for commissions
- NO NFT OR AI, I retain all copyright over commissioned work. The price will increase for exclusivity licensing agreements and commercial use.
- I will NOT claim any IP (intellectual property) of the commissioned artwork.
- You retain any rights to IP (intellectual property) of the commission
- I will NOT profit from any commissioned work unless agreed with the client and special circumstances.
- You may NOT profit from any commissioned piece unless agreed with myself and special circumstances.
- I retain all right to post commissions on my socials and portfolio as well as in any future publications.
- You can post/share your commission to your socials with visible credit to me (@Daniel_Dutton on Twitter)
- You may NOT use any commission commercially or claim it as your own.
- Price will increase if you want commercial use.

Cancellation and Refund
- No refund once I have started working on the commission.
- You will get a full refund if I am unable to start your commission.
- You can request a cancellation before I start the commission and you will get a full refund.
- If you are getting a refund I will transfer the funds back to you.